The Day Centre “Galini” of A.M.K.E. “PROMETHEUS” operates since January 2008 in the Municipality of Acharnes, Attica, at G. Papanikas street 43-45. It is a psychosocial support and rehabilitation unit which provides services to adults with severe psychiatric problems living in the community, under the 4th Mental Health Sector, collaborating with the Network of all agencies providing mental health services, Primary Care and social protection in the region.

  Its operation is part of the Operational Programme “Health and Welfare 2000-2006” Priority Axis: 2 “Mental Health”, Measure 2.3 “Prevention-Aid Measures of Social Solidarity and Socio-economic (re) integration”.  Funded at 75% by the European Social Fund (ESF) and 25% by the Ministry of Health for 18 months and then 100% of the regular budget of the Ministry of Health. Today only funded by the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity.


The purpose of the Day Centre is:

The patient’s abidance in the community, the prevention of his social isolation and marginalization but also the improvement of the skills and abilities of the patient allowing him social integration and increased negotiating / assertive force in order to exercise his rights as a citizen. The recognition of his own mental state and  his empowerment for avoiding hospitalizations and the awareness of the community on mental health issues, reintegration and avoid stigmatization of people with mental disorders

Operation of Day Centre aims:

  • In relapse prevention
  • In the prevention and reduction of restricted time care for people with severe mental disorders
  • The psychosocial investigation about their capabilities and needs in order to make personalized restoration program for everyone
  • The integration of the individual in a variety of social and therapeutic activities, along with psychiatric and psychological counseling both individually and collectively at the family level
  • The community’s informing – awareness in order to remove the stigma



Target Group:

The Day Center provides services to adults (18 years old and over) with serious psychiatric problems and psychosocial reduction and particularly to:

  • Persons with severe and chronic mental disorders living in the community and their families
  • Persons with severe and chronic mental disorders living in Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units in the community
  • People with serious psychosocial problems who need support both to prevent their institutionalization and to improve their quality of life (eg homeless)
  • People with severe physical diseases and psychosocial needs and their families (eg heart disease)
  • People belonging to vulnerable population groups experiencing or are threatened by social exclusion (eg Roma)
  • Family members of Mental Health service users
  • Individuals who have experienced the negative effects of institutionalization or marginalization and stigmatization and are in the process of social reintegration


The broader population benefiting indirectly, by linking and other actions of the Day Centre, includes Mental Health organizations, social organizations, Mental Health Professionals, neighbors of Acharnes Municipality and neighboring municipalities and the education community.


Note that no services are provided to adults who have:

1) acute psychiatric symptoms, in period of crisis, whose treatment requires inpatient hospitalization,

2) moderate or severe mental inadequacy, severe autistic symptomatology, whose treatment requires specialized program to specific contexts,

3) dependency problems from toxic substances that need specialized programs,

4) highly offending behavior.



Services Provided:

  • Psychiatric and psychological assessment and monitoring
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Activities
  • Individual and Group Psychotherapy
  • Training of social dexterities
  • Education, support and advisory for families
  • Social Club, whose role is the socialization of the mentally ill living in the community
  • Intervention in schools aiming at informing and educating students and teachers about mental health issues
  • Specific vocational guidance.
  • Application of psychometric tests.
  • Information-networking of members and their families to other services.
  • Support – updates on welfare issues.
  • Post-therapeutic monitoring programs (follow-up).
  • Discussion and Counseling.
  • Raise awareness of community, assessment and public education on mental health

The Day Center’s provided services are free of charge to all interested
Day Center’s Personnel:

The staff working in the Day Centre in accordance with the number Protocol Υ5β/Γ.Π. 92123 Operation License consists of

  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologists
  • Social Worker
  • Administrative Employee
  • Auxiliary staff

The team of staff within its project and depending on the needs of patients cooperate with institutions and professionals of mental health services, welfare and protection, Local Authorities, as well as employment agencies.