Galini A'

The Boarding House “GALINI A” operates since April 2004 and hosts 15 adults with mental disabilities and secondary psychiatric disorders.

It is an intermediate community structure that offers a residential alternative in the support of psychosocial rehabilitation. It is set up in accordance with the Law 2716/99 and participates in the Operational Programme “Health and Welfare 2000-2006” –“PSYCHARGOS Operation 2” for the de-institutionalisation and socioeconomic rehabilitation of people with mental illnesses. The residents come from Psychiatric Departments of national hospitals in Attica. The residential facility is modern and newly built, located on 43-45 G. Papanika in Acharnes.

The Multidisciplinary Treatment Group consists of the Scientific Coordinator and the specially qualified personnel including:

  • a Psychiatrist
  • a Psychologist
  • a Social Worker
  • Nurses
  • Specially trained staff of Motivators – Healthcare Assistants, who create the appropriate conditions for our residents to adapt to their new “home”.

During the procedure of their psychological and social rehabilitation, the residents learn how to deal with withdrawal and passivity and to develop their skills and abilities in order to achieve the best possible level of adjustment and their reintegration into the community. Furthermore, the facility operates a Jacuzzi Therapy Programme where our residents can participate in aromatherapy and ozone therapy programmes that aim to help them acquire skills to handle challenging experiences and relax through desensitization.

The Treatment Group assumes a new role, covering for the shortcomings of the community. The objectives of the M.T.G. in regards to the social rehabilitation of the residents are:

  • Ensuring quality of life with decent living conditions for the residents
  • Life skills and social skills training
  • Elimination of stigma and discrimination for people experiencing mental health problems, with good planning, coordinated updating, and by raising awareness within the community in close cooperation with community institutions
  • Promoting personal autonomy by improving and developing their skills and performance in everyday life
  • Prevocational awareness or occupation and transition, for anyone who is able, to a more independent way of living
  • Family reconnection on a new basis of understanding and acceptance of their special condition

Our services, among other things, aim to promote the residents self-esteem. Since poor self-esteem of patients committed to institutions for years is a result of institutionalisation, we motivate them and together forge a plan for their active participation in everyday life.

Our plan is to motivate every single resident, to create with each one an area that belongs to them and give them something meaningful to work on.

Since “GALINI A” has been in operation, the Treatment Team have made a significant progress towards their initial objectives:

  • A resident, after a long-term hospitalization in the P.H.A. and 3 years living in the Boarding House, managed with the help of the M.T.G. to fully reintegrate into the community and now lives in her home in Kalamata permanently, with the support of her family environment.
  • Members of the M.T.G. carry out visits to local schools in the community in order to inform, raise awareness and eliminate the stigma.
  • Social events are organized with the participation of both the residents and the community.
  • The residents participate in the Equine Therapy Programme in cooperation with the M.T.G. of the Boarding House Galini B in Zeugolatio of Korinthia.
  • The residents participate in innovative pottery and ceramics, soap making, decoupage workshops and more.
  • Psychoeducational Trainings are carried out for the families of the residents.
  • The M.T.G. participate with their research activities in National, Pan-European and International Conferences.
  • The Boarding House cooperates with educational institutions, including supervised internships for HEI and TVET students from Greek and European universities.
  • Lifelong learning- the M.T.G are being continuously trained in favour of meeting the needs of the residents and contributing to their development.