Galini B'

The Boarding House “Galini B“ operates since June 2005 and hosts 15 adults with mental disorders. It is an intermediate community structure that offers an alternative way of support and psychosocial rehabilitation.

It is set up in accordance with the Law 2716/99 and participates in the Operational Programme “HEALTH and WELFARE” 2000-2006 “PSYCHARGOS OPERATION B“ in support of the de-institutionalisation and psychosocial rehabilitation of people with mental illness.

The residents come from Psychiatric Departments of national hospitals in the Peloponnese Region and the Prefecture of Attica. The Boarding House Galini B’ is located in Borothi, Zeugolatio of Korinthia and started operating in June 2005 in the context of de-institutionalisation of chronically mentally ill people.

The main objectives of the operation of the Boarding House are the prospects of social reintegration, vocational rehabilitation and personal autonomy of chronically mentally ill people, under the principle of the protection of their rights on all occasions.

The Multidisciplinary Treatment Group consists of the Scientific Coordinator and the highly qualified personnel including:

  • Psychiatrist,
  • Psychologist,
  • Social Worker,
  • Nurses,
  • Specially trained staff of Motivators-Healthcare Assistants
who create the appropriate conditions so that the residents of the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Unit regard the Boarding House as their new ‘home’.

During the procedures of their psychological and social rehabilitation, the residents learn how to process and deal with withdrawal and passivity in order to achieve the best possible level of adjustment and reintegration into the community.

The following Workshops and Programmes within the facilities of the Boarding House Galini B’, contribute to this purpose.


Our services, among other things, aim to strengthen and restore the residents’ sense of dignity. Since long term institutionalisation may cause deficits in social and life skills, we involve, activate them and make a plan for their active participation in everyday life together.

The main focus of our plan is that every single resident is given the right motivation to assume an active role and work on something meaningful that contributes to their growth and development within a supportive environment that promotes their sense of belonging and achievement.

Since the opening of the Boarding House “GALINI B”, the Treatment Group has realised significant objectives of development within the community:

  • The residents of the Boarding House go on weekly outings to local cafes and restaurants. Day trips are often planned for them to see new places and meet new people. During the summer months, swimming trips, boat rides and fishing are on the daily schedule.
  • Members of the M.T.G. carry out visits to local schools to raise awareness, inform and eliminate stigma. During those visits the students and school staff are presented with videos featuring the life of the guests in the Boarding House.
  • The Boarding House hosts several social events with the participation of the guests and the community as well as conferences, presentations and seminars for the scientific community, held in the conference room within the premises of the Boarding House.
  • Family Psychoeducation Group Programmes that involve the family members of the guests.
  • The M.T.G. participates with its research activities at National, European and World Congresses
  • The Boarding House cooperates with educational institutions providing supervised internships to students from Greek and European Universities
  • Lifelong Learning – all members of the M.T.G. are continuously being trained to stay updated, challenged and effective in their role.

Volunteer Group: "Eliminating stigma"

Promitheas C.N.P.C. has created a volunteer group that organizes and participates in several actions that promote mental health and provide information on mental health issues.