Our services

Promitheas C.N.P.C. provides informative, educational, counseling and primarily therapy services. Namely:

  • Organisation and operation of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units (Boarding Houses, Guest Houses) and Programmes of Protected housing
  • Psychosocial support for people experiencing mental health problems
  • Outpatient care for mental health patients (psychotherapeutics) who are discharged from psychiatric hospitals
  • Operating Mental Health Promotion Programmes for the community
  • Development of Innovative Accompanying Support Services
  • Operation of a Pilot Radio Station by the patients
  • Organisation of symposia, educational seminars and programmes for both the experts as well as the general public/community
  • Supervision of the psychotherapeutic and wider work of the mental health professionals
  • Internships for University and Higher Education Institution Students
  • Organisation of Conferences and Seminars that enable the participation of the service users
  • Supporting Community and Voluntary Action in order to aid vulnerable population groups
  • Information Campaigns on Mental Health issues for communities in remote areas of the Peloponnese region. Frequent visits to remote villages with limited access to urban and semi-urban centers, where we provide the residents with significant psychological support and process psychosocial matters
  • A new and innovative for Greek standards welfare project contributing to the skills development of the people with mental health problems, the “Care Farm”, with positive effects on the whole community. This farm is not solely about the production of crops and vegetables but also about the cultivation of human behaviour, personal and interpersonal skills

Additional services involve: