Soap-making workshop

The Soap-making Workshop “GALINI ECOLOGICAL BEAUTY SOAP” started in 2004 in order to help the service users develop new skills but also acquire knowledge that could be useful on a vocational level. In charge of this Workshop are members of the M.T.G. who have attended seminars for cold process soap making and glycerin soap making. After being fully qualified, the members teach these skills to the service users. The Workshop operates on a regular basis as the apprenticeship in soap production can become over time either a creative leisure or vocational pursuit for the service users.

“GALINI ECOLOGICAL BEAUTY SOAP” is open to guests and carries out seminars for schools, clubs and other institutions in the community as well as for individuals. The trained service users actively participate in these seminars, thus contributing to the anti-stigma and discrimination actions within the community, which is one of our main objectives. The “GALINI ECOLOGICAL BEAUTY SOAP” Workshop, through continuous practice and learning, aims to produce cold process soap and glycerin soap in the best possible and totally ecological way.